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Trevor Mendez has worked in the fields of investigation and law enforcement as it relates to financial crime, administrative wrongdoing, taxation and money-laundering compliance for over twenty-five years. His training includes degrees in law and economics, and certifications in fraud investigation, AML and forensic sciences, specializing in commercial crime. He has also held positions in Audit and Capital Market Oversight.

Trevor is passionate about ensuring that your business' exposures related to fraud, malfeasance, regulatory or other oversight are minimized or removed to allow businesses the time to seek market share or that competitive edge while minimizing exposures that could ultimately cost you profits.

In addition to Trevor overseeing a prevention of losses to fraud in excess of $800,000 is a single case, he has also successfully investigated insurance frauds in North America and the Caribbean, and has made presentations to diverse audiences such as the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association of Canada, the TT Association of Compliance Professionals and the TT Police Service.

Trevor Mendez

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