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Similarly to some of the above projects, my passion for diversity and inclusion, volunteer-ism, and environmental sustainability have allowed me to push beyond any inexperience to establish a supplier responsibility program and co- establish a corporate responsibility program.


I believe it is my mental and emotional courage that helps me to seek a variety of initiatives to explore, strategize, and implement along with my skills in leadership and program management. Having earned PMP and CPA certifications and an MBA, I have the educational foundation I need to take on a variety of initiatives. I love to travel and through those experiences, I have non-traditionally, strengthened that foundation with an education that can’t be taught. I marry my travel experiences with work, which helps me to create and empower multicultural and diverse teams.


My journey continues as I seek to unravel business processes in a variety of industries and companies''.


Cassandra Solomon

''Business needs change constantly and people adjust to get the work done. Unfortunately, business processes aren’t always reviewed during these changes which often times leads to process inefficiencies. Projects similarly to these are some of my favorites because I like the challenge and freedom of mentally starting with a blank canvas to meet client needs. On previous process design projects, my colleagues nicknamed me ‘Q’ because of the many questions I ask to understand ‘why’s.

Some of these initiatives have led me to becoming a major contributor in establishing a procurement organization and leading it. I have also had the pleasure to program manage cost saving initiatives to establish shared service organizations, implement software, create policies and processes and a change program for the transition.

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